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Diesel price in Chennai, India

Diesel price in Chennai, India Today 8 February 2016

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Diesel price in Chennai Today 8 February 2016

Diesel Price Chennai Today Rs.56.61

Diesel Price in Chennai 2013

Diesel Price Hike Date Rs. per litre
1 November 2013 Rs.56.61
1 October 2013 Rs.56.01
1 September 2013 Rs.55.37
1 August 2013 Rs.54.76
1 July 2013 Rs.54.03
1 June 2013 Rs.53.53
11 May 2013 Rs.52.92
1 April 2013 Rs.51.78
16 February 2013 Rs.51.23
18 January 2013 Rs.50.68
1 January 2013 Rs.50.13

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